Season 6, Episode 12 - aired 06/17/2009.

Pre-Title Sequence:
The Reno Sheriff's Department makes a mandatory apology to Bob Herron, who was wrongly convicted as The Dumpster Rapist and spent 49 years in prison.  He dies in his chair during the apology.
In the morning briefing officer Jack Declan is recognized for completing Anger Management. A Viacom lawsuit is discussed, the officers must crack down on copyright violators.
Driving, Declan talks about his PTSD.  Wiegel and Williams clean up grafitti.  Dangle and Declan enforce copyright violations at a child's birthday party.  Williams and Jones guest on Mexican Radio, hosted by radio personality El Chupacabra (Nick Kroll).  Rizzo assists a runaway minivan and ends up needing to be rescued himself.  Reno Sheriff's PSA against meth-induced elder-rape.  Declan and Junior bust Mike for copyright violation.  Watching another video of Craig Pullin talking to his unborn son.  Wiegel and Williams at a high school doing security duty.  Junior and Declan address another copyright violator, a red SpongeBob.  A meeting back at the station about vacation time ends up being less than it seemed.  Junior and Declan rethink their copyright violations tactics and end up in trouble with the FBI.
Guest stars: Nick Kroll, Paul Scheer, Rob Huebel