The Parade
Season 5, Episode 16
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 Quote[edit | edit source]

"Tacos Tacos Tacos Tacos!"

Summary[edit | edit source]

An attempt to create an ambitious parade float ends in irony and bad taste-laden fiery death. Maybe.

Cold Open[edit | edit source]

Dangle announces that they will be appearing in the Law Enforcement parade in Carson City and they will be transforming the cop car behind him into a float. Their theme is "Together We Are United"; Dangle's announcement of this phrase causes a violent argument.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The deputies are doing a "Remember 9-11" float and they debate how they should do it. Johnson volunteers that she has a Statue of Liberty costume, though it is R-rated. They put together the 9-11 float in a montage. As they finish assembling two World Trade Center towers and paint the New York skyline on the car, Junior asks whether it said "Remember 9-11" or "Remember to call 9-1-1" on the fax of suggested themes. Dangle dreads riding in this float if it's the phone number one.

Andrew is threatening to detonate his explosive vest at the legal brothel, but he has just taped hot dogs to his chest and the detonator is the remote for the stereo. They all balance the speakers.

The 911 calls all go to India now. The deputies have to call in for their messages and keep getting put on hold and speaking to managers, all with strong Indian accents.

A police dog ate the plastique explosive in the evidence locker and Junior has to get him to poop. Wiegel comes by to pet the dog and begins patting his belly, scaring Junior. The dog finally does his duty and Junior gingerly places it in a garbage can. Dangle tosses garbage in the can and it explodes.

Steve Marmella objects to a vehicle being parked in front of his house. There is a camera with an immense zoom lens on a tripod, surrounded by tissues and lotion, in his front yard.

The Hypthotical Criminal is hiding in a boat. He claims to have been leading the police to a crime which had yet to be perpetrated.

Terry: Dangle and Junior try to get Terry to report in to his parole officer and channel his energy into something productive.

Polygraph Machine: Is everyone giving themselves "jelly tugs" on stakeouts? Junior states that he thought that's what the jelly was for, considering there's only jelly and no bread or a toaster.

The deputies survey their beautiful 9-11 float and realize they are already fifteen minutes late and they haven't even left for Carson City, and they're supposed to lead the parade. Speeding, Garcia lose control at an intersection and crashes their 9-11 float into the Tacos Tacos Tacos Tacos building, which explodes in a giant fireball.

A funeral is held and a casket is loaded in the back of a hearse. None of the familiar deputies are seen.

PSA[edit | edit source]

Dangle plays guitar while Jones sings in Spanish. Something about Home Depot, homosexuals and Jesus Christ.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

The cast provides commentary on the DVD. Among the observations:

  • Was there a black guy in Sha Na Na? (There was.)
  • All of their music is by Boss House, who do sound-alikes of famous songs/bands. They asked if Boss House had a song similar to "Pour Some Sugar On Me" and they said "not yet," then came back shortly afterwards with "Lick My Plate Clean," the song they play in the strip clubs and whore houses.
  • Niecy started opening her top button.
  • The Indian phone service is voiced by Lennon and Garant.
  • Lennon states that once again he has to stand near an item wired for a big explosion, and he had to make the shot to the garbage can in one take. He thinks it's obvious that he (the actor) is tense while trying to be casual.
  • They haven't gotten in trouble for any of the Spanish-speaking PSA's "yet", possibly because they had no translated text captions.
  • The barn is the "Herbie: Fully Loaded" barn.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Johnson, Garcia and Kimball are all supposedly killed in the explosion, although Garcia later turned up in a live show claiming to have faked his death. In 2020, a new season 7 appeared with all of the characters alive, but this was on Quibi which is now a dead streaming service for mobile phones. Anyone who saw the new series is welcome to explain how they're all alive.
  • A white guy can't do Apu anymore on the Simpsons but this Indian phone service voiced by Lennon and Garant goes by un-protested? Hang on to your DVDs for when this gets yanked forever.
  • Plastique will not go off without a detonator. it is notoriously stable as an explosive. Oddly enough, plain old TNT or nitro glycerine would suffice.
  • Watch the dog's reaction to the explosion. 
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