Season 6, Episode 13 - aired 06/24/2009.

Pre Title Sequence:
Dangle thinks he has a secret admirer, but it's not what it seems.
The morning briefing sees Williams and Jones assigned to go undercover to try to catch Reuben "The Bone" Alvarez at a key-party sex club. The officers try to fulfill Garcia's last wish to have have his ashes shot out of a canon. Rizzo and Jones address the receipt of a stool sample in the mail. Williams and Jones show up for their sting. Dangle and junior bust Terry for harrassment. Back at the station Junior addresses Cindy who has sent all of the officers letters telling them they have been promoted. Back at the sex party where there's more talk than sex. Dangle meets Gary Morgan, a forgotten undercover officer. Wiegel discusses a key-party she attended. Watching another Craig Pullin video made for his unborn child. Back at at the sex party, things are pretty boring. Junior tries to have a meal while driving. Back at the sex party, Jones and Williams' cover is blown. Junior pulls over an ice-cream truck. The sex party takes an uncomfortable turn.