"And the installation is freeeeee-eeeee!"

Dept. S. Jones
AKA: Jonesy

Portrayed by:Cedric Yarbrough

First seen:Pilot

Episode Count:88

Early LifeEdit

Jones was raised in Mound, Minnesota (a suburb of the "Twin Cities" area of Minneapolis-St. Paul). In a season six episode, it was revealed that Jones was a member of the Reno Sheriff's Department for about 15 years as he is shown in a old video tape of the officers that dates back to the late 1980s.

Sheriff's Dept.Edit

Love LifeEdit

Jones is an emotionally shallow smooth-talker who frequently channels his need for attention into sexually promiscuous behavior. It is implied--typically, by Dep. Williams herself--that he is Raineesha's ex-boyfriend, although he seems to pursue every woman other than her. Despite Williams' jealous crush on him, he has an on-again/off-again, "booty call"-type relationship with Dep. Johnson.

Hobbies and InterestsEdit

Jones enjoys singing and dancing.


Deputy S. Jones is half Polish.

His full first name is never disclosed in the series, but Wikipedia says it stands for Sven (?!)

Mound, MN is where the Andrews Sisters were from and about 30 miles from Burnsville, MN where Cedric Yarborugh grew up.

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