The Reno Sheriff's Dpartment that stars in Reno 911. It has an untold amount of officers belived to be near 150. It is based at the Reno SD Headquaters. It is made to be set apart from the Reno Police Dept. and the Washoe County Sheriff's Dept.

Uniform and EquipmentEdit

Officers wear a tan shirt and tan pants with a brown or black stripe down the leg. It is belived that deputies wear a green or tan base ballcap marked "SHERIFF" or a tan cap. Deputies also wear blue bulletproof vests with "SHERIFF" on the back.


The RSD use black and white marked patrol cars for normal duties. The depatment keeps at least one red helicopter and tried using an eletric car at one point. Humvees & SUVs but rarely vans are seen in the lot.