Dept. Raineesha Williams
AKA: Raineesha X

Portrayed by:Niecy Nash

First seen:Pilot

Episode Count:70

Early LifeEdit

Sheriff's Dept.Edit

Boisterous, obnoxious, Williams enjoys abusing the power over men that her police authority affords her. Williams has been described by Jones as a terrible police officer (he claims that they "don't even put bullets in her gun"). She often looks for ways to abuse the system to her personal advantage; for example, she once converted to Islam in an attempt to get the whole month of September (Ramadan, on the Islamic calendar) off of work, so she could vacation at the Atlantis resort.

Personal LifeEdit

Williams on more than one occasion has tried becoming involved with S. Jones, Deputy, but to no avail. There was one occasion, however, when she joined the nation of Islam that Jones began returning affection, but it was pointless because her newfound religion could not allow her to give herself sexually to any man outside of a lawful marriage. There was an instance in the very first season where Raineesha and James Oswaldo Garcia, Deputy end up having sex in a jacuzzi.

Although never actually seen, it has been mentioned that she has been married on more than one occasion and may have a couple of children. One child in particular was seen in a season six episode as a young girl at a high school being stopped and scolded by Raineesha for not flaunting what her "mamma" gave her. Raineesha later went on to say: "I raised you better than that." as the girl continued on to class.

Hobbies and InterestsEdit


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