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Craig Pullin
AKA: The Truckee River Killer----

Portrayed by:Kyle Dunnigan

First seen:Help from the FBI

Episode Count:11

"Are you one of those drama queens? I can't have you freaking out every time you find a body part. Or we're gonna be in for a long night. I'm gonna go jerk off."

Craig is Trudy's late husband. They bonded when he called 911 to report a missing snow cone. While both he and Wiegel appear to be shy, conservative people, their extremely unsuccessful sex life includes (seemingly almost by necessity) sexual role-playing and fetishism

While visiting Trudy at work, Dangle notices that his face is a near-perfect image of the police sketch for the notorious Truckee River Serial Killer. They investigate him without success; Trudy then finds a severed, bejeweled female foot in a jar in Craig's refrigerator. Craig hopes she won't make a big fuss about it.

He was sent to prison. He and Trudy continued to date and have conjugal visits, and he proposed marriage days before his execution. He received lethal injection immediately after they exchanged their vows.


His final words were "Seacrest out", after he broke wind.

He may or may not have been the father of Trudy's baby. Trudy claimed he was infertile, though later it's said he was the father of the baby.


10 Episodes

Early Life[]

Before he appeared as Trudy's love interest, he was already a prominent serial killer who had murdered and to some extent eaten many women, all of whom were shoe size 11. Nothing else is known about him.

He appears to be kind, giving and considerate, with a sense of humor, which clearly masks a cruel nature. Despite successfully killing several women before being caught, Craig appears to exhibit very limited social skills and intelligence. When Weigel smuggles in a file inside a cake during a conjugal visit, it takes Trudy several attempts to successfully convey her message. When he finally realizes the file is inside the cake, he mistakenly believes Trudy gave it to him to dig through the walls as opposed to using it as a weapon.

Hobbies and Interests[]

  • Grinding his own meat
  • Collecting shoes and feet of women who are shoe size 11
  • Poetry about serial killing
  • Cannibalism
  • Infertility
  • Sadism/masochism sex play


Trudy Wiegel never seems to grasp that he was planning to kill her, despite her matching the shoe size of all of his other victims.