Craig Pullin
AKA: The Truckee River Killer----

Portrayed by:Kyle Dunnigan

First seen:Help from the FBI

Episode Count:11

"Are you one of those drama queens? I can't have you freaking out every time you find a body part. Or we're gonna be in for a long night. I'm gonna go jerk off."

Craig is Trudy's late husband. They bonded when he called 911 to report a missing snow cone. It was soon discovered that Craig was the serial killer known as the Truckee River Killer. He was sentenced to death. While awaiting execution he and Trudy continued to date and have conjugal visits. He received lethal injection immedietly after they exchanged their vows.

His final words were "Seacrest out", after he broke wind.


10 Episodes Help from the FBI (27 August 2003) Wiegel's New Boyfriend (16 June 2004) British Law (23 June 2004) President Bush's Motorcade (1 September 2004) Department Investigation: Part 1 (15 September 2004) Cop School (28 June 2005) Garcia's Secret Girlfriend (9 August 2005) Wiegel and Craig Get Married (6 September 2005) Wiegel's Pregnant (9 July 2006) We Don't Want the Pope (5 May 2009)

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